How important are safety measures when buying a flat?

It is one of the prime factors indeed but sometimes one tends to overlook this factor when faced with multiple factors to decide upon. Today, what Paradigm Realty offers has set a new standard to the safety measures in the realty sector. It not only offers the mundane but crucial…

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A checklist for first time home buyers of 3 BHK Flats in Borivali

While buying a new 3 BHK flat in Borivali is an exciting experience and something that most families look forward to, it can be quite perplexing for first time home buyers. There are procedures, legal paperwork and a lot of other little things that one has to take care of…

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Testament of commitment, with Paradigm Realty

How amazing it feels to receive a promised product on the exact proposed date? Paradigm Realty is one of the few realtors in Mumbai who are not only willing to make sure your home buying experience gives you this feeling but also manages to make it happen with fine quality.…

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Borivali’s Beach Facing Homes Of Ananda Residency

If you ask someone who lives in the heart of Mumbai about the views he gets to see from his home, you would most probably get an answer that may not sound very exciting. They would end up boasting of views of their neighborhood, the school behind their building or…

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Ananda Residency, And The World In Its Vicinity

Think about how easy and convenient it would be if the house you just bought has all you need, right around it. Ananda Residency, Paradigm Realty’s cherished project, has hit the right spot with its plush apartments in Borivali West. It enjoys an enviable level of connectivity to all the…

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Feb 4th Ananda Blog

Ananda Residency – Borivali’s New Residency Haven

With the completion of the construction of more than 3, 25,000sq. feet in just 8 months, we have set a new high through our project, Ananda Residency. We have been able to achieve this feat not just with strenuous hard work but also our dedication to the core qualities of…

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