Borivali’s Beach Facing Homes Of Ananda Residency

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If you ask someone who lives in the heart of Mumbai about the views he gets to see from his home, you would most probably get an answer that may not sound very exciting. They would end up boasting of views of their neighborhood, the school behind their building or some mall located in the vicinity. But what if we say that you can enjoy the views of a magnificent scenic beach and the endless Arabian Sea, right from the windows of your bedroom? Sounds amazing, right? Well, that is exactly what you would be witnessing everyday if you choose to invest in these majestic residences in Borivali west at Ananda Residency.Ananda Residency, Paradigm Realty’s fastest growing concrete marvel, is strategically located in Borivali West next to the landmark Shimpoli Telephone Exchange. Owing to this, it enjoys superior connectivity features that let you get on the frequently used S.V Road and Link Road within minutes. These 2 BHK residences in Borivali west enjoy views that are envy worthy, to say the least. The two biggest attractions are:

The Gorai Beach –

Having a beach facing home may seem a dream to some while some may assume that it may be priced exorbitantly. But both these myths can be contradicted at Ananda Residency. Gorai has been the Juhu beach for all the residents who live in the belt of Borivali, Kandivali, and even Dahisar. This peaceful beach is host to hordes of visitors every weekend, so you can be sure of one spot you can take your cousins to, whenever they visit you. These residences in Borivali west not only let you witness the scenic beauty of the Gorai beach, but they are also priced at rates that are affordable.


The Golden Pagoda –

You must have heard about this hidden treasure of Mumbai. The Golden Pagoda is an angelic structure, dedicated to Buddhism. It has been built as a replica of the Shwedagon Pagoda in Myanmar, which is believed to be the oldest pagoda in the world. Words would not suffice if one were to describe the beauty of the setting sun reflected against the gilded dome of this structure. Your home in Ananda Residency would not only let you enjoy such views but experience such beauty, in your everyday life.


With views that can be termed as a photographer’s paradise, these residences in Borivali west at Ananda Residency will be one of the smartest and most profitable realty decisions you would make. You can read more about Ananda Residency on – http://paradigmrealty.co.in/projects/ananda/


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