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Department: CA
  • Experience: 3-5 years

Direct Taxation:

  • Compute total income and tax thereon of various entities including private companies,Partnership firms and individuals.
  • Preparing and filed return of income of various clients.
  • Compute estimated total income of various clients.
  • Assist in the performance of various tax audit assignments of corpotate and non-corporate entities belonging to varied sectors real estate and contruction.
  • Compiled data for the purpose of assessment proceedings of clients before income tax authorities.Assist in assessment and reassessment proceedings by way of drafting of letters & replies and searching for relevant legal precedents.
  • Filed quarterly TDS statements.
  • Prepared and filed form 15CA-CB online after ascertaining the applicability of provisions of chapter XVII-B of the income tax,1961,read along with relevant DTAA.

Accounts & Audit:

  • Assist in performance of Statutory audit of clients,including private limited companies,Partnership firms and individuals.Prepare and finalised the auditor’s report.
  • Prepare stand-alone financial statement of clients as per schedule of the companies.
  • Assit in computing depreciation as per schedule of companies act.

Indirect Taxation:

  • Preparation and filing of form ST-1 for registration of clients under service tax laws.
  • Computation of service tax payable of professional services.
  • Filing of service tax returns (Form ST-3)
  • Assisted in the performance of MVAT audit assignments.
  • Prepare of MVAT calculations and filing of MVAT returns.

Other Areas:

  • Assisted in the preparation of various certificates including certificates of turnover,net worth,fixed assets and estimated income.
  • Assisted in the preparation of projected financial statement.

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