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Creating The Best Home Buying Experience

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We understand the feeling of receiving the keys to your new home and moving in can be one of the most exciting and fulfilling feelings. But before you buy your new home, what are the factors you would consider? Pricing could be foremost on your mind among few other factors like location and developer experience. In addition, there are other underlying but equally important factors that you may consider before investing your hard earned money in real estate.

After you have reached on a balance between the price and your budget, you would want to consider the area and the connectivity of the property. The better the road and transport connectivity and the development around the property, the easier it would be for your family to settle down in the new place. You would want to select a builder with a credible record and good reputation. You should find out more details about the project, the construction progress, the floor plans and other legal documents and paperwork. If the builder is forthcoming in his approach and shares all necessary details with you, it is indicative of a responsible andtrustworthy developer.

It would be wise to monitor or keep yourself updated with the progress on the project. Is it progressing as per the dates promised? Such questions, if left unanswered can cause many sleepless nights of anxiety for an investor. We, at Paradigm Realty, believe that our investors should never have to suffer a moment of such anxiety; therefore our promise of timely delivery and strict adherence to our commitment and policies of transparency. Each of our projects is progressing as per schedule without any compromise on quality. This can be seen from the construction of more than 3, 25,000sq. feet in just 8 months at Ananda Residency and the progress at Nivan and our other projects too. We believe in not just delivering in time but delivering sturdy and superior homes. All our investors receive regular updates and news through our newsletter so that they are assured and can have peace of mind of having invested safely. We have also provided various channels through which our customer’s queries may reach us easily through the website, contact numbers and email. Our team believes in attending to every query on a timely basis and resolving the issues if any quickly. In general, availing loans was known to have been a tedious process for many buyers. To ease the pressure on the buyers, we have gotten all our projects pre-approved by major banks. This makes it easier to seek loans for housing.

Forging ahead with our focus on commitment firmly in place, we strive to provide the best home buying experience for our investors.

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