How important are safety measures when buying a flat?

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It is one of the prime factors indeed but sometimes one tends to overlook this factor when faced with multiple factors to decide upon. Today, what Paradigm Realty offers has set a new standard to the safety measures in the realty sector. It not only offers the mundane but crucial Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) facility but a whole lot of more features too, that add up to a considerable amount of reliability when it comes to looking for homes to stay, and not just invest. For instance let us look at some of the features from the project called Ananda Residency:

Gated community: There is an unspoken feeling of oneness that you get when living within a closed community. Enclosed within a security structure so good that the whole of your society and your community feels like a home to you; which may not be the factor for stand-alone towers where the settings have another perspective to housing systems altogether. This posh structure is beneficial for all styles of families, be it a large joint family or a nuclear one.

Vehicle free podium garden: One of the common most concerns when it comes to gardens and play areas in large building structures is that of the parking space and how the vehicles would pave their way in or around the said garden. After all if you have your kids playing in it, you would have to keep a constant eye on them to ensure they don’t get in the way of a moving vehicle. On the other hand, this would not be the case in Ananda Residency. The 11,000 plus square feet of podium garden has been built in a way that the vehicles do not intervene with the garden area in any manner. This would not only give a sigh of relief to the parents but also to the kids who can be free without having to compress their play activities.

Play area: Yes a play area is one of the common amenities in a modern building too. It is a known fact but what sets this one apart is that the play area is within your radar; within your premises; within your peripheral vision itself. In lay man’s term, the play area constructed in Ananda Residency is located in such a smart way that you can keep an eye on your toddlers even when you are not within the play area. This helps not only for the parents to look after their kid’s safety but also for the ones who would love to keep a tab on the progress their little ones are making as far as their growth is concerned.

Other amenities: There are a string of additional amenities that you can accumulate towards the goal of letting your kids play within the building structure pursuing their area of interests without compromising on the safety factor. One of the prime of those amenities is the presence of a multi-purpose court within the society. From Tennis and Badminton to Football and Volleyball, the kids can indulge in numerous of these sporting games enabling themselves to enhance their physical activities without having to go out to an external court. You need not travel places for them to play these sports as it is all within the building structure. A state-of-the-art swimming pool adds up to the rich facilities present at Ananda Residency. You can not only take a dip in it for a chilled weekend but your kid can also be a regular face at the pool and learn the extensive and intensive art of swimming, again without having to step out of your premises for an external pool of any sort. They can avail all these benefits by staying within your homely surroundings, making it easier for you to monitor them.

With the presence of such myriad amenities and safety measures, it becomes easier to say that Ananda Residency is one of the safest havens for a peaceful and secured living in Borivali West. You can read more about our projects on

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