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Khar’s Revered New Address

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Paradigm Realty has always been accredited with world class quality and this is no different when it comes to its prime project in Khar west called Nivan. With this, the main focus is not only on providing the lavish benefits through the 2 and 3 BHK residences but to provide those benefits within affordable range. It is a well-known fact that living in Mumbai is a dream in itself but living in a luxury home in Mumbai is a dream that tops it all. Acknowledging this dream of any given realty enthusiast has been the primary driving factor while conceptualizing Nivan.

Today, Nivan being one of the first ever projects by Paradigm Realty, and its construction having reached a level of completion just as estimated by us and the expert architects involved proves that the speed of construction is in sync with the date promised. Commitment is and has always been our forte and these properties in Khar at Nivan are a standing testament to this achievement of ours. On the other hand, there have been instances in Mumbai realty sector wherein the speed and quality of construction do not always walk in the same direction and may end up, at times, in an unprecedented direction. But this has not been the case of Nivan. The quality has been kept in check at every stage, maintaining it just as it is supposed to be.

The amenities provided for these Properties in Khar west are plenty and would take pages to write about them; but to name a few: Thai style gazebos, podium garden, dedicated jogging track and modern swimming pool are some of them. Apart from the visibly excellent amenities, there is one that can be called as a customizable amenity. After all, in today’s world, it is a well-known fact that customization is the key to adding a touch of luxury to any property or product. The 2 and 3 BHK apartments present in this project at Khar West can be converted into 4 and 6 BHK palatial homes respectively. The vast space makes it fit for an aristocratic living, that too in a prime location in Mumbai. Not only would you be able to turn your home into a private palace but also would be able to turn your life into an affair of all things luxurious. If ‘Live life king size’ is not a quote you have heard of hitherto, this is the time you would utter it yourself.

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  1. Very nice property to live in.. visited twice… good amenities and nice team to explain everything


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