Luxury Features to look for in your new property in Santacruz West

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If you are looking for a luxury property in Santacruz West, you would agree that there is more to luxury than beautiful looks and fancy features. There are many other features that get over looked due to the overwhelming beauty of a certain structure. To help you make an informed decision and before you close the deal on any property in Santacruz west, consider these features that are symbolic of a luxury home.

1. Open Layout

Your luxury home should be able to give you a spacious feel with carefully designed floor plans and high ceilings. Vogue has been designed with exclusive one apartment per floor concept. The residences are pillar-less and cover an area of 1240 sq.ft.

2. Smart Technology Friendly

You would want to look out for a technology friendly house. Since you will be investing quite an amount into your new luxury home, consider its adaptability to smart tech devices and apps. Nowadays a number of functions of the house are monitored by just a tap on the screen of the smart phone.

3. Energy Efficient homes

The affluent who invest in a luxury home would definitely be able to afford the utility expenses associated with such a home. Nevertheless one would not want to interfere with the environment and preferring to living in an energy efficient home proves to be beneficial not only for the buyer but the environment too. Vogue’s residences have been designed with large windows to allow for ample natural light and ventilation in the house. Its eco friendly features include solar water heating, and use of heat resistant external cladding.

4. No compromises

With Santacruz west property rates on the higher side, you may want to look at something a little more affordable but without any compromises such as annoying neighbors. Such is case at Vogue. With a private elevator for each floor in addition to a common elevator, privacy and security is not compromised.

5. Outdoor space

In a city that is buzzing with activity and sporting its share of pollution, a luxury property should give you some open outdoor spaces where you can breathe easy. Outdoor spaces have become scarce these days. It is surely a luxury to have your own green patch in the metro especially in a city like Mumbai where the Santacruz west property rates touch the sky.

6. Location/connectivity

No matter how many times it has been stressed, location still remains one of the key factors of luxury properties in Santacruz West. Excellent connectivity to all conveniences of life is a must. Proximity to commercial hubs, airports, and entertainment avenues must be considered. Vogue is strategically located with all conveniences very close by.

7. Peaceful elements

Peace of mind is very essential when buying a property in Santacruz West. After investing a huge sum into your luxury you wouldn’t want to find out that the layout doesn’t suit your lifestyle or that certain little elements get on your nerves. These days, builders are also cautious about every little detail and construct residences bearing in mind the comfort aspect of the resident as priority and in tandem with the Santacruz west property rates. Take for example the Vogue which is built in accordance with the principles of Feng Shui to make use of the right energies and to instill balance.


Every property you see may not be blessed with this element but it is definitely a luxury to get a sea facing apartment in a prime location in a metro city with all the above features in place. Imagine great views from all side of the apartment. Well, yes, it is a luxury in a city like Mumbai.

The above mentioned luxury features like a state of the art fitness centre, landscaped terrace, and more are available in our luxury property, Vogue in Santacruz west. To know more about the project click – http://paradigmrealty.co.in/projects/the-vogue/  and do comment or call us for any queries.

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  4. This one is good. The builder has developed a fine property and infused sophistication in the design very beautifully.

  5. The definition of luxury keeps evolving with each passing generation. I liked the write up as it has vital pointers. Good for quick reference.

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