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To Buy An Apartment or Bungalow in Mumbai?

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Are you looking at the properties for sale in Mumbai? Thinking of investing in a property in Mumbai? While buying a new home is a decision that requires a considerable amount of time and research, you would also have to decide if it is better to invest in an apartment or a standalone home? In a city like Mumbai, we would suggest buying an apartment as preferable. There are a number of reasons for this. We shall look into a few of them here-Safety

As one of the prime concerns of any home buyer, the security features offered by an apartment building or complex is far better than staying in a standalone home. With features like 24 hr CCTV surveillance, security staff, and private access cards the security and well-being of your family is not compromised.


One can enjoy a more holistic lifestyle while living in apartment buildings. In contrast to houses, residential complexes offer a number of amenities to the residents like gyms, swimming pool, yoga zone, podium garden, sports courts and more within the premises. Most of these amenities are not restricted to the luxury properties in Mumbai alone. Also, basic facilities such as power back up and constant water and gas supply are enjoyed by residents living in residential complexes.


Residential flats are very conveniently sized as compared to bungalows. One can find the right sized apartment as per his or her needs. A compact 1BHK does fairly well for a small family of 3 while a bigger family may comfortably stay in a 3 BHK.


Maintenance is easier and expenses for the same are lower as compared to standalone houses. The financial benefits procured by living in a residential complex cannot be ignored as every complex is taken care of by contribution from all the members. It is definitely not so when you choose to live in a bungalow.


Other remarkable benefits of living in residential apartments in Mumbai are the social implications of living with a number of people within the same premises, the associations you develop as a result and the community bonding thus formed. It is always a positive that you have friends and acquaintances living in harmony in close proximity. This is especially beneficial if you don’t already have family living in the same city.


In a city like Mumbai, most high-rises are located in convenient locations so that residents enjoy accessibility to all amenities both within and outside the premises like shopping centers, health care, banks and entertainment hubs. In such case, you do not have much of a choice when it comes to purchasing a standalone house.

In addition to these, there are many more advantages to living in an apartment which can encourage you to invest in an apartment. All our projects are enriched with the above advantages and more be it Ananda Residency in Borivali (w), Nivan in Khar (W) or Vogue in Santacruz(W) or any of the others. We suggest you consider your requirements and the pros and cons very carefully before investing in your new home.

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