Understand the merits and demerits of floors while buying flats in Borivali

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Congratulations on making the decision of buying flats in Borivali. You have lastly narrowed down on your apartment. Now you have to make another major decision- which floor would you want to purchase your flat? The developer has given you floor options with the floor rise charges. Let’s run through the myths and facts to help you make an educated decision.

Lower Floors

Generally, people do not desire to buy lower floor flats in Borivali. The common belief is that you will not get an abundant sunlight or fresh air. There is always a risk of security. These reasons are completely acceptable. However, lower floored apartments that are westerly facing, receive a lot of fresh air. A few lower floor apartments are filled with greenery, overlooking beautiful green garden and trees. In some infrastructure, lower floors are in demand since all the amenities are nearby and they have closer views than higher floors.

The advantage of buying lower floor flats in Borivali is that they are quite cooler compared to the higher floors. Also, in new construction apartments with podiums, lobbies, the first floor actually starts from a higher level. Lower floor apartments are also cheaper than the higher apartments. If you are working within a budget, then there is no harm with opting for a lower floor apartment.

Middle Floors

The middle floors tend to be the safest choice to buy flats in Borivali. From an investment point of view, everyone prefers something which is right in the middle. If your building is 10 floors, then an apartment on the 4th  to 8th  floor is highly desirable. Normally middle floors have open views and sunlight. The middle floor apartment will be hotter than the lower floors. Expect your air conditioner to work overtime during hot summers. This will rack up your electricity bills.

Top Floors

Buying a top floor flat in Borivali is an individual pick. Most people shy away from them for various reasons. Some, because of fear of heights, while others worry about leakage problems. With improvements in technology, leakages should not be a matter of concern. Here, heating could be a worry. Once again, expect your summer electric bills to be high. Views on higher floors are open. Expect airy apartments with good ventilation. Developers tend to make their top floors into luxury apartments, such as duplex or penthouses.

The prices of these apartments are also very high. You need to pay a premium price for them. Many developers provide private terraces on their top floor apartments. Ananda Residency offers many options within its 4 magnificent towers of 21 stories each. You can choose your flats in Borivali as per your preferences.

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