Value for money properties in Borivali

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When one thinks about looking for properties in Borivali, the first thought that comes to mind may be of them being expensive. But have you thought whether those properties in Borivali are actually worth the money you are about to spend? These are some of the nuances that need to be analyzed before taking the plunge.Ananda Residency is one of those prime properties in Borivali West that lets you enjoy the amenities of a luxurious property in a key location, without you having to spend luxuriously. It may be hard for one to easily believe that properties like these can be priced moderately at a location as busy and important like Shimpoli area in Borivali West. Let us talk about some of the factors that would help you in understating why Ananda Residency can be termed on the grounds of being a value for money home for you:

Security – Ananda residency is as one of the biggest gated communities in the western province of Borivali. It houses more than 255 lavish homes in 4 majestic towers, all under one unified gated structure. This gives a sense of security to not just you as a family person but also other members whenever they wish to take stroll in the evening; as there would be no fear of trespassers in these premises. Apart from this, the 11000square feet of podium garden present here is one-of-a-kind. Why? It is so because it has been made in a way where the garden is not obstructed or interspersed by moving vehicles. It’s a vehicle free play area purely made for the secure fun of your kids; so you can be assured about their safety as well.

Time Value for Money (TVM) – The concept of TVM is an idea that money in hand is worth more than money given or earned in the future. In lay man’s terms, the apartment that you have as of now in your hands would monetarily return a lot more in the future. Since this property in Borivali West is nestled in prime Borivali West, the price factor will most definitely be on the rising side.

Connectivity – It becomes a complete benefit if your home has all the right elements for proper connectivity to other parts of the city. This not only saves your time in making your way around the city but it also saves you a good load of money that you need not spend on extensive travel fares of any sort. Ananda Residency is connected to major roads like the S. V. Road and Link Road which you can cover in minutes’ worth of driving. Not just that, but one of the best connected railway stations – Borivali – is also just 5 minutes’ away. So as long as travels and journeys to locales around the city or beyond are concerned, you can be assured of getting there in good time.

Amenities– The amenities at this posh property have been mentioned and spoken about already indeed, but this has been so because of the attractive touch that it renders to owing an apartment here.  To list them once more, Ananda Residency has a state of the art swimming pool, a dedicated jogging track, a multi-purpose sports court, wellness club, fitness center, amphitheater, an acre of spacious garden and last but not the least, an activity center specially made for the senior citizens of the society. These string of amenities only sum up the point that when you are looking for a home to buy, it’s not just the four walls that need to be considered; such additional factors are also a part of your home and most importantly a part of your money. Having said that, it’s an agreeable fact now that these properties in Borivali West are a testament to having value for money, in the right way.


As mentioned earlier, it becomes vital that you pay attention to external factors of investment and returns too when thinking of buying a home. This would lead you to draw the conclusion whether the home you are about to buy is worth the money. For more of realty related blogs, stay tuned to our blog section on

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